‘Best in Class’ Programme for Quality across the Board

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‘Best in Class’ Programme for Quality across the Board


As BanaBayexpands its sourcing footprint and range of produce, it has implemented a Best in Class Programme in order to keep tabs on quality control at every stage of fruit production from plantation to customer.


Technical Manger Nic Chambers is leading the project and collaborating with owned plantations by engaging quality officers and educating them in BanaBay standard quality processes.  Nic will use his extensive knowledge and expertise to train over 40 quality officers in Central America.


Once in place, the Quality Officers will need to be vigilant in quality controls and manage all the necessary documentations at both supplier and client level.  Officers will be constantly monitored by the UK quality team who will be spending extensive periods of time in Central America to set up systems to manage quality processes going forward.


Nic Chambers explains: “We have always taken a hands-on approach to quality but as we grow, we need to expand our network of on the ground teams to support the work we do in the UK via our IT auditing systems and face-to-face customer service.”