Bananas – The international language of friendship

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As any banana lover will tell you, one of the greatest demonstrations of friendship is to give away your last banana. This week has proved that to be a universal rule, with the emergence of one of the most isolated tribes in the world.

The Mashco-Piro tribe lives deep within the Peruvian jungle, and are very rarely seen, being one of the few communities left untouched by the world outside. So what brought this mysterious group of people out of their jungle home?


The 100strong tribe appeared on the banks of a river that divides their home from the local town of Yine in order to request three things; rope, machetes and bananas. In order to avoid coming too close to the tribe members (whose immune system cannot cope with outsider germs) the townspeople sent a canoe full of bananas across to the tribe, who then disappeared back in to the jungle.

This is only the second time in over twenty years that the tribe has come out of their voluntary isolation – a clear indication of banana addiction.

Just goes to show, when we say the banana is everybody’s favourite fruit – we mean absolutely everybody!

To see the scene unfold on camera, click here.


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